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We’re here to help you, the customer. It’s easy to reach us, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have about our eco-friendly gifts.

Why is my wooden phone case a different color or pattern than the pictures on the website?

The grains in wood are naturally unique and different, which makes each case piece of art. No two are the same.

How do I care for my wood phone case?

Be Good To Your Wood.

Bark cases are made of real wood. They are not impact-resistant. Being made of natural materials means that they can be affected by moisture, excessive temperatures, and other elements.

If you are prone to dropping your phone, Bark cases might not be the best option for you. We suggest using a case that is more durable.

I’ve broken my wooden phone case, what do I do?

If you dropped or damaged your wooden case, it might be easily fixed by simply using a small amount of super glue while the case is removed from your phone. Let it dry completely before putting it back on the phone.

If the wood phone case is damaged beyond repair, we offer a replacement program. We cannot guarantee that our cases are drop proof. We realize that people are going to drop their phone, so we have decided to offer a replacement program. Please visit the Replacement page of our Customer Service for more information.