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How do I install the "Classic" all wooden iphone case?

Please be aware that applying too much force might cause the case to crack or break.

Gently slide the top of iPhone into the case making sure it’s straight and seated at the top.

Next, slide on the bottom half of the case. Make sure the case is securely attached to the phone, and your ready to go.

What if my case doesn’t fit my device?

At Bark, all of our products are handmade from solid wood. In the rare case that your device doesn’t fit in your case, please be sure to contact our Customer Service at and we will be happy to assist you in replacing your order.

Since all of our products are made of wood they can sometimes have natural defects and may not fit properly. In this case, we will gladly send you a new one at no charge.

You may also visit your Return or Replacement Pages for more details on how to handle this situation. We appreciate your patience in advance and thank you.

Will my case fit with my charger or adaptor?

There are many variations of chargers and headphones. Some of them are a bit larger and might not fit with the Bark case. We recommend using the latest apple accessories. Since, the cases are made of wood the size of the openings for chargers and headphones were made precisely for the latest apple accessories. If the openings were made any larger it would compromise the durability of the case causing it to crack or brake very easily. We also suggest using a headphone adapter or a dock extender for charger which can be found on our website.