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The Cause

We created our company with a passion for designing amazing, green products, as well as having a positive influence on our customers' awareness of our natural resources.

It is our goal to allow technology and nature to team up and have a positive impact with our environmentally products, as well as having a positive influence on each person we encounterThough our resources around us allow us to do exactly what we do every day, it’s also important to increase awareness about the other effects behind the use of them. On average, 6 billion trees are killed every year, and within those 6 billion trees are homes to thousands of different species of animals and plants. With the help of Bark Accessories, you have the chance to give back to nature what has once been stripped.

Along with our mission to create a better planet, we also stand behind a better product. Our team at Bark Accessories personally designs each product, and we manufacture with care and a passion for more than just a product itself. This is finally our chance to team up with society and make it our mission to start a new way of life, not just for us, but for nature and future generations.

Trees are a vital source for our well-being, as well as our future on this planet. By planting trees we:

  • Purify and improve our air quality. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.
  • Provide a home and food to animals.
  • Create shade and lower air temperatures reducing cooling costs significantly, as well as reduce heating bills by blocking the wind when it's cool.
  • Cut down noise pollution.